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reorain ([personal profile] reorain) wrote2009-06-11 11:26 pm


Today I've tasted sushi for the first time. And it feels kinda weird as I have no idea what I ate. Seriously. Some ginger, salmon but the rest is shrouded in mystery.

So now I'm waiting for any kind of reaction from my fastidious stomach which had never dealed with raw fish/meat before. It's undecided now, it seems. Probably deliberates on whether or not I am worthy of a torturing session.

At any rate, it can't be worse than fresh goat's milk, that's for sure. It almost killed me when I was eight. O_O

[personal profile] strangene 2009-06-20 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Are you allergic to goat milk?

[personal profile] strangene 2009-06-21 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Better not take risk, yeah.