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Random music for you.

Tobymac - Ignition

Breaking Benjamin - Breath

Hide Your Tears (Dexter OST) - lovely piece


Aug. 1st, 2009 03:03 pm
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1. Leave me a comment with "BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE" in the subject line.
2. I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

(questions by [personal profile] pinikir)

1. Did you name your new laptop and if so what?

Not really, whatever I name it I call it Vaio anyway.

2. Give me a favourite quote from Due South?

There are many of them, but here is one.

[side of a building]
Fraser: Ray, do you think I expect too much from people?
Ray: Well, take our climbing up the side of this building, for example.
Fraser: Okay.
Ray: Is the building on fire?
Fraser: Uh, no.
Ray: Is there a helpless person trapped up on the roof?
Fraser: No.
Ray: Is there a hostage to rescue?
Fraser: Not that I’m aware of, no.
Ray: Then we’re climbing this building because?
Fraser: Oh, I see. Because I expect too much from people.
Ray: Exactly.

3. Are there any horror films that scare you?

Err... pretty much any horror movie scares hell out of me. I couldn't make it to the 10th minute of The Amityville Horror.

4. If you could only read one book for the next year which one would you read?
House without Guardians by Heinrich Böll (Haus ohne Hüter).

5. What fandoms have you tried but never been able to get into?

I tried Smallville but the main characters kept pissing me off with their stupidity so it fell off. And I was more like a lone fan, so there was no notion of a fandom for me.

tablet daub

Jul. 6th, 2009 03:01 am
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Okaaay. Today I decided to check whether I'm able to draw a human without making it look like an orangutan after vivisection.

So! Here's this sloppy guy. I'm just so tired of tweaking it, I can't look at it anymore. First I drew him naked and faceless, and thought I was done with it (well, I just needed anatomy), but then I added eyes and realised that I should at least give the poor guy a towel to cover himself. And these are...jeans. Apparently :D

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I found a box full of Magnum buckshot shells in the closet, 410x76, dia of shots 8,5.

We had a carbine once. Then Dad sold it.
Now what to do with these?
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Name 10 fictional characters that are your favorite and explain why.

1. Dante - Devil May Cry - Well, we can write a dissertation on the reasons why we love Dante, right, [personal profile] linarohn? To sum it up, Dante has everything I've ever looked for in a character.

2. Vergil - Devil May Cry - The same here. If there's anything Dante lacks, there's always Vergil. They are twins, they are opposites, who else do you need?

3/4. Benton Fraser - Due South - I've liked this character ever since the show came out. He's smart, well-read. He's honest (which is a rarety) and courageous. A virtue personified. Yeah, he has something naive about him, but that's what makes him absolutely adorable. He shares this position with Ray Vecchio. They emphasize each other's qualities when working in tandem.

5. Leon S. Kennedy - Resident Evil - I guess I have to repeat myself. Another man of strict moral values and principles. Dauntless and handsome) Almost flawless.

6. Chris Snow - The Moonlight Bay series by Dean Koontz - Very nice character, suffering from XP, a rare genetic disorder that damages the DNA if any part of the body is exposed to UV, and thus having to wander about the town at night, accompanied by his dog Orson, a genetically enhanced labrador (this dog made me consider getting myself the same breed in the future). Chris is the narrator of the story and his character is greatly developed.

7.Peter Parker - Spider-Man - Well, this was kinda stupid, but his costume was the first thing I thoroughly drew and painted years ago. I had several action toys, a spray can with liquid spiderweb (can you imagine this?) and lots of other stuff. Though I liked only the Peter they created in "The Amazing Spider-Man" comic book series/cartoons and loathed the one in the movies. Who was that emo-whiner?

8. Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - no comments.

9. Dean Winchester - Supernatural - Honestly, nothing but a pretty face here. I don't care about his character (does he have any?), preferences, relationships whatsoever. Just walk and talk, Dean, that'd be enough.

10. Hm, any female characters for a change? -( Can't come up with any. Claire Redfield, perhaps? Yeah, that would be it.

Tag people you want to do this meme.
I'd like to read about your favorites, flist.
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God, I hate it when I have to poke at people, asking for money. I mean, I did the work two months ago, why can't I have my payment already?! I know, it's a global crisis and all that, but what should I live off?

And it makes me feel bad because I spend more time demanding pays than doing actual work. It's terrible. I feel like a squabbler, as normally I'd never go so far as to pester middlemen every other day. I scarcely ever ask twice!

To tell the truth, I don't need it THAT much. I can wait.
But it's my Mom that keeps asking me "Where's your money??" and I feel more and more dispirited.
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Omg. Today I dreamed of Michelle Pfeiffer O_O (no, I've never been among her fans). She was driving a truck, dressed in a blue flannel shirt. And when she faced me, my faultfinding consciousness began automatically adjust her features using Create-a-Sim sliders from The Sims 3 which were floating about the cabin.

Mom says I have a screw loose somewhere^^. Pfft. She thinks this was odd? She haven't heard about the one with hockey players carrying knocked out DMC3 Dante off the ice, boots first.

Err... Maybe she's right? o_O


Jun. 15th, 2009 12:09 pm
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Currently reading "Secret Files" about CIA and KGB methods of retrieving the data they needed, disposing of people and etc. Funny, really. The poison of tiger snake was popular during Cold War: one drop on the skin is more than enough to ship you at patres.

Working on anatomy structure ever more hard. Scapula's a bitch.
But at least now I can do decent skulls. I think I'll draw something zombie-like in near future.

Ideas, I need ideas.


Jun. 11th, 2009 11:26 pm
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Today I've tasted sushi for the first time. And it feels kinda weird as I have no idea what I ate. Seriously. Some ginger, salmon but the rest is shrouded in mystery.

So now I'm waiting for any kind of reaction from my fastidious stomach which had never dealed with raw fish/meat before. It's undecided now, it seems. Probably deliberates on whether or not I am worthy of a torturing session.

At any rate, it can't be worse than fresh goat's milk, that's for sure. It almost killed me when I was eight. O_O
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Woo-hoo! I'm finished with university! Yesterday I defended my diploma))
So in July I'll be getting two diplomas at once!

anyway, now that I'm free to do anything I want (for this summer, at least) I'll go dust off my tablet^^.


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